Property Maintenance for Landlords

Marisco South is delighted to be offering our property maintenance service for landlords and property owners. As a landlord you have a legal responsibility to provide a safe, habitable living environment, which means it’s very important to stay on top of repair and maintenance work as well as the general wear and tear of the building.

As well as this, leaving the property to deteriorate will not only land you in hot water with authorities, but massively increase your costs as items continue to break or malfunction. Take preventative measures by getting highly experienced and professional tradespeople to keep the property in perfect condition.

Electrical Testing and Inspection

NICEIC registered to provide safety checks in between tenants

Bathroom Fitting

Kitchen and bathroom installations to a high standard

Gas Safety Inspections

Highly experienced Gas Safe operatives to carry out your annual inspections

Fire Risk Assessment

Having our own dedicated Fire Safety Officer allows us to ensure you meet all the regulations you need to

Maintenance Service

Highly dedicated and employed work force for any maintenance needs

Fire/Smoke Alarm Systems

Fully qualified engineers to install systems bespoke to your property to keep your tenants safe

Landlord Property Maintenance Services

Marisco provides comprehensive property maintenance, from single properties to large portfolios – we’ve worked with every size of client including local authorities such as BCP Council, so we are vastly experienced and able to tackle any maintenance task.

We can take care of every room in the house, including bathrooms and plumbing, and kitchens and electricity. Marisco will ensure that your tenants have access to high quality utilities that won’t fail on them as they get on with their day-to-day life.

While we’re there, we can make sure that the security of your property is up to scratch by testing security alarms and mechanisms, while also taking a look at other essential warning systems such as fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. That way your tenants have complete peace of mind that they are safe and secure.

Why choose Marisco’s Property Maintenance Services for Landlords?

At Marisco South, we pride ourselves in our comprehensive property maintenance services for landlords and property owners. We’ve worked with clients of all portfolio sizes, from single property owners to some of the biggest portfolio holders in the South.

We’re based in Christchurch, but cover an extensive area encompassing Dorset, Hampshire and the New Forest – having started with two employees and a van in 2011, we’ve quickly expanded to over 50 expert tradespeople across a wide range of faculties.

For specialist new build servicing including plumbing and electricity, as well as bespoke property maintenance for landlords, give Marisco South a call today – on 01202 474001.

FAQs for Landlords

In order to help you better understand who we are and what we do, we have put together this list of answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Why is property maintenance so important for landlords?

As tenants are entitled by law to a healthy, habitable living environment, its in the landlord’s best interests to ensure property maintenance is carried out periodically to prevent considerable property damage or missed tenancy income.

What are the benefits of property maintenance?

By investing in property maintenance, you will benefit from costs saved in the long run, as you will uncover any maintenance problems that can be attended to before they get noticeably worse. A property’s value is significantly lower if it’s not property maintained, leading to a decrease in rental income and investment. 

Effective property maintenance can also attract good tenants, as a neglected property may lead to renting out to the wrong clientele who will treat it the same way.

Are property maintenance fees tax deductible?

Yes – you can offset expenses relating to the running and maintenance of your property against your tax bill.

What are rental property maintenance expenses?

These include routine, seasonal, appliance and emergency maintenance, as well as replacements, landscaping, painting, flooring, property damage, cleaning costs, pest control, inspections and waste management.

How does property maintenance differ from property management?

Property management refers to the daytoday tasks such as repairs and refurbishment, and is typically focused on the short term. Property maintenance, on the other hand, refers to the continued care of the property – ensuring all appliances and structural elements are properly maintained and operational in the long term.

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