DIY is a staple British past-time, hugely popular for a variety of different reasons. For many, it’s a money saving tactic that also serves as a hobby, spending weekends mending various fixtures or repairing fences and sheds. It’s also possible that after a bad experience with contractors, they decided their own talents were more trustworthy.

Despite this, at Marisco we will always vouch for the professionals – our team of experts are DIY veterans, and can handle any type of maintenance query. We’ve worked with landlords across the South to manage property portfolios of varying sizes to impeccable standards. Allow us to walk you through the reasons why we think you should bring in Marisco to handle yours.

Point of Contact

Bringing in Marisco to look after your property maintenance would benefit both you as the landlord and your tenants as well – you never know when your tenants’ appliances may decide to break, or for the heating to give up.

By bringing in professional property maintenance, you give both parties peace of mind – the tenants know that if something breaks, then there’s one number they call to set about getting the problem fixed. Meanwhile, you know that you won’t be called away from your regular daily business in order to deal with domestic issues, and that Marisco will be right on it.

Happy Tenants

As a landlord, having happy, content tenants can only benefit you in the long run – happy tenants are long-term tenants that keep the properties in better condition!

Knowing that they have professional maintenance as standard will only give them confidence that this is the right place for them, as the vast majority of tenants are hardworking professionals that don’t have time to complete costly or timely repairs.

Professional Standards

No matter how valiantly you would defend your DIY skills, the average landlord or tenant simply does not have the technical skills and equipment that could match a professional service – meaning the quality of the work is almost always lower, and you may struggle to maintain the value of your property portfolio.

Marisco employs over 50 multi-traders with centuries of collective experience to complete works to an impeccable standard across Dorset and Hampshire. Whether you’re looking for kitchen and bathroom services, disabled accessibility renovations or you need your new-build property maintained, then Marisco have it covered.

Choose Marisco for your Bespoke Property Maintenance Services

With the winter months soon upon us, it’s a great time for landlords or tenants to get on top of their property maintenance – fixing up any issues now will save you money in the long term and prevent problems from deteriorating due to adverse weather conditions.

Why not give Marisco a call – no matter your property or portfolio size, we can provide a bespoke service tailored to comprehensively maintaining your property. Chat to a member of our friendly team today on 01202 474001.