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With a vast array of design selections, not to mention the great acoustics and durability benefits, it’s no surprise why commercial carpets are amongst the popular flooring choices for office buildings.

Trust commercial flooring fitting specialists Marisco South to design and fit the right carpet for your workplace. Read on to learn the benefits associated with opting for office carpets and why you should trust Marisco South to install your office carpet.

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Carpet Fitting

We can lay all types of carpet throughout any property

Tiled Flooring

We can lay all types of tiled flooring, whatever the space required

Engineered Wooden Flooring

Any type of wooden flooring (engineered or not) can be installed by our dedicated team

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Amtico, Karndene and so on; we can supply and fit all products to your unique designs

Vinyl Flooring

All types of Vinyl Flooring can be supplied and fitted including all safety flooring

All Flooring Preparation

Latex, Ply, Underlay, Gripper rods etc.

Why should you install carpet that’s designed specifically for the office?

Office carpets can be designed to align with your company’s brand and image, and are synonymous with durability and practicality to deal with high levels of footfall.

There are many more reasons your business should invest in specialist office carpets including:

Design versatility

We will work with you to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for in your office carpet design. From vibrant bold colours, to customised patterns or classic neutral tones, Marisco can fit the right flooring for your workplace.

Great durability

We make sure your chosen carpet is tested and certified in accordance with EN 1307, which focuses on carpet durability and long-term appearance retention. With the right choice and maintenance, a high-quality carpet can last in your office for up to thirty years.

Better safety

Carpet offers more traction than hard surfaces, which can get wet and slippery. As a result, the likelihood of any trips and falls by guests or hospitality staff due to a wet floor are reduced.

Energy efficient

Carpet fibres act as natural thermal insulators and retain heat better than smooth flooring. This can lead to a cosy, hospitable environment that also saves money on your energy bill.

Background noise reduction

Bad travelling background noise can cause issues in an open office layout when your employees are trying to have important work conversations. Office carpets can help by providing acoustic benefits, absorbing sound to reduce overall background noise in the workplace.

Best office carpet types

Based on our commercial carpet fitting experience, we’ve listed below our recommended carpet types for your office.

Broadloom or wall-to-wall carpet

Broadloom carpets help to provide uniformity throughout your workplace. As there are no divisions in wall-to-wall carpet, the patterning is consistent throughout the entire fitted space.

We recommend broadloom for multi-story office requirements i.e. if you have plenty of floors that require a consistent look and feel.

Saxony Carpet

Saxony design blends elegance with a soft look and feel. Made completely from nylon – one of the most durable carpet materials – Saxony is a cut loop type of carpet with twisted fibres that stand up straight.

We think Saxony carpets are perfect for your office seating spaces, but we’d advise using a different flooring type for your busier office areas like entrance ways.

Carpet tiles

Available in fibre bounded, loop or cut pile, carpet tiles are straightforward to prepare, install and maintain. They are budget-friendly and hard wearing, plus should any staining occur, individual tiles can be removed or replaced in-house, without the need for professional assistance.

Why choose Marisco’s office carpet fitting service?

We are keenly aware of the importance of a safe and clean environment for your employees. It’s why we install designed carpets that are fitted to last, accommodating high levels of foot traffic.

We can also fit your carpet with minimal disruption to your business operations at a time that best suits you. Our expert team are available to install your chosen flooring solution outside of working hours or at the weekend.

Marisco have been fitting carpets across a variety of commercial projects for over ten years, and we constantly work with businesses across the south of the UK.

With our team of CHAS accredited tradespeople, you can be assured that your carpets are being fitted by some of the most qualified and proficient individuals in the country.

Enquire today via our contact webpage or call our friendly team on 01202 474001 so we can start planning the ideal carpet for your office.

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Office carpet installation FAQs

What is the most durable type of carpet?
Carpets made of nylon are the most durable and stain resistant available. Its durability characteristics are perfect for heavy foot traffic areas like office hallways and stairs.
What type of carpet is best for heavy traffic areas?
Outside of nylon, other suitable options include olefin, triexta and polyester. These all offer the best durability and stain-resistance, and with the right chosen carpet from Marisco should be fitted to last.
How long does it take to install a carpet for my office?
This will depend on the workspace that requires fitted carpet. We are aware that all office buildings have different layouts, and we will work with you to give clearer timescales following our review of your property.
How long will my office carpet last?
This will depend on the thickness and pile of your chosen flooring. Your chosen carpet should have a lifespan of between ten and thirty years, depending on the amount of foot traffic and care given. As carpet usage will vary on its location in your workplace, we recommend discussing with us beforehand so we can choose the best flooring system for your office.
How often should I have my office carpet cleaned?
This will be dependent on the nature and size of your office premises, along with the daily foot traffic and the age of the carpet. On top of your regular cleaning protocols we usually recommend a professional deep carpet clean twice a year.

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